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List of Modules

To download the list of modules as a word document click here.

Module 1
First Nations in their own Words: The Early History of Canada to 1500

Module 2
Contact zones from the 16th to the 18th century: How did Aboriginal people perceive European newcomers?

Module 3
Fur Traders and their Prey from the 17th to the 19th centuries: Why did Aboriginals participate in the fur trade?

Module 4
Seigneurial Tenure in Early Québec, 17th to the 19th century: What was the meaning of land ownership?
Colin Coates

Module 5
On the Edge of Empires: Acadians and Mikmaq in the 18th century

Module 6
The 14th Colony: Nova Scotia and the American Revolution

Module 7
Gender and Evangelical Protestantism in Early Upper Canada

Module 8
Worlds of Work: Pre-Industrial Work, 1880-1860

Module 9
The Rebellions of 1837-8 in Lower and Upper Canada: Why did people take up arms against the government?

Module 10
Race, Class, and Gender: The Limits of Victorian Liberalism, 1830-1860

Module 11
The Métis and Red River Society: Change, Adaptation, and Resistance, 1830s to 1870s

Module 12
Schools, Prisons, and Asylums in mid-19th-century British North America: What did institutional reforms have in common?

Module 13
Gender, Race, and Sexuality in Colonial British Columbia

Module 14
Immigrants and Immigration: The Case of the Irish, 1830-1860

Module 15
Confederation: What Kind of Country are We to Have?

Module 16
Industrialization and Women’s Work, 1870s to 1920s

Module 17
Secularization in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century English Canada

Module 18
Immigrants and Sojourners in the late 19th and early 20th Century Canada

Module 19
As Long as the Sun Shines and the Waters Flow: Treaties and treaty-making in the 1870s West

Module 20
What did it mean to be Canadian? Conflicting views on nationalism and identity (1880s-1920s)

Module 21
The Early Canadian Women’s Movement and the Struggle for the Vote, 1870s-1918

Module 22
The Great War: Leaders, Followers and Record-Keepers

Module 23
Protest, parties, and politics between the wars, 1919-1939

Module 24
Canada in the 1930s: Surviving Canada’s Great Depression

Module 25
A National Crime: Residential Schools in Canada, 1880s to 1960s

Module 26
World War II and the Internment of Enemy Aliens: Circumscribing Personal Freedoms

Module 27
Peacekeeping Missions, 1956 to the 1990s: Canada’s Real Contribution to World Affairs?

Module 28
Constructing a Canadian Icon: The Medicare Debate to the 1960s

Module 29
The Sixties: A Youth Revolution or A Few Angry Baby Boomers?

Module 30
Neoliberalism, Globalization, and Productivity: The New Economic Mantra in the late 20th century

Module 31
The Era of Mega-constitutionalism in Canada, 1968-1992

Module 32
Traitors or Patriots?  The Continentalism and Nationalism in the Free Trade Elections of 1891 and 1911

Module 33
Reconciling the Two Solitudes?  The Debate over Official Languages, 1963-1995

Module 34
Queering Canada: Gay and Lesbian Political and Social Activism, 1969-1982

Module 35
The Group of Seven Artists: Inclusions and Exclusions in Canadian Landscape

Module 36
Unfreedom in Early Canada: Race, Empire and Slavery

Module 37
Eugenics in Canada

Module 38
Canadian External Relations

Module 39
Homegrown Terrorism: The October Crisis of 1970

Module 40
Some Light During Quebec's "Dark Ages": 1944ā€“1960

Module 41
Women and the Church in New France

Module 42
Work, Family, and Community on the Land

Module 43
Children and Childhood in the Nineteenth Century

Module 44
Public Spaces: Accommodation and Conflict in the Colonies

Module 45
First Nations and the New Empires

Module 46
Brave New Families: Domesticity in Early Cold War Canada

Module 47
Regulating Sexuality in the Early 20th Century

Module 48
Age Matters: Growing Up in the Interwar Years

Module 49
Medium and Message: Popular Culture, Mass Media, and National Identity, 1960sā€“2000s

Module 50
Sporting Identities: "Race", Gender, Nation and Sport in Late 19th - Early 20th Century Canada