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Letter from Publisher

Dear Professor,

Thank you for taking the time to review sample material from Visions: The Canadian History Modules Project for your introductory Canadian history class.

Nelson Education has created Visions as a traditional peer-reviewed resource to address key issues that history instructors told us they were facing in the classroom. Each module is organized around a theme or question that is frequently taught in the tutorial or seminar portion of your course. The modules combine carefully chosen primary and secondary sources with a contextual introduction, questions to help you guide your students through the material, annotations for unfamiliar material, and suggestions for further readings.

Nelson has used a modular approach because it allows you to choose the material which best fits your course. This gives you all the flexibility of a course pack without the hard work of putting one together. Your students will be happy because they will pay only for material they actually use and because they get a real book rather than a set of photocopied readings. In addition, they get pedagogical material that they would not get in a course pack and, because each module is built on a common framework, they know what to expect from week to week and can concentrate on the content of the readings rather than struggling with the form.

Each of the modules in the first release have been written by members of our editorial board:

  • P.E. Bryden   (University of Victoria)
  • Colin Coates (York University)
  • Maureen Lux  (Brock University)
  • Lynne Marks  (University of Victoria)
  • Marcel Martel  (York University)
  • Danny Samson  (Brock University).   

Finally, Visions is also designed as an expanding database. We plan to add new modules every year. Click here for more information on submitting a proposal for a module. It is our hope that Visions will become a collection of 'best practices' from classrooms across Canada, allowing you access to a broad range of options designed and classroom tested by your colleagues.

We look forward to your feedback on this exciting project.

Best wishes
Alexis Hood
Nelson Education Ltd.